Looking to downsize?

Downsizing to a residential park home is one of the most popular options for people who no longer need a large family home, and the move has many advantages, improving your lifestyle, assisting your finances, and freeing up cash to enjoy your retirement. For many, this is a preferred way to release funds from their home as an alternative to equity release schemes.

Why choose a park home?

People chose park homes because they are more manageable and like Haytor View are mostly located in attractive areas. They also offer a community of like-minded souls to spend time with.

Manageable living

The most obvious difference between a park home and a traditional bricks and mortar home is the size. So, if you are looking to downsize to something more manageable, especially if you need single storey living for disabled access now or in the future, then a park home is a great value alternative to a bungalow or retirement flat.

Location, location, location

Park homes are significantly cheaper than bricks and mortar properties, which means you can afford to downsize to an attractive area like South Devon that you wouldn’t possibly otherwise be able to afford. It is worth noting that unlike ordinary homes, you will not own the land on which your park home sits. There is an annual lease or ground rent of £275 a month at Haytor View, which includes water, sewerage, and all park maintenance. All the homes at Haytor View are Council Tax band A.

An exciting new chapter

There is much to consider when thinking about moving to a park home, but if it suits your finances and your lifestyle, then it can be a great move. Selling your old house and downsizing to a park home can release useful cash to make your retirement more exciting, more comfortable, and more secure than you ever thought possible, while at the same time giving you a new life with new friends in a delightful new environment.

Talk to us

If downsizing to park home living sounds perfect for you, get in touch with us here at Haytor View! Our locally based sales team will be delighted to help. Please call us on 01626 886758, email sales@haytorview.co.uk or click here to make an online enquiry.


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