A retirement community is a residential community that is designed specifically for older people, often retirees. They are independent living facilities and are designed for elderly people who still want to live an active lifestyle. Retirement communities are often based around an age exclusive model where people living within the community must conform to this requirement.

In the UK, the growing global trend of retirement communities has mostly manifested in the form of retirement villages. Retirement villages often consist of bungalows, cottages, or park homes as they are small, easy-to-maintain homes designed with an older person’s slower pace of life in mind. The purpose of a retirement village is to allow retirees to continue to live a satisfying and fulfilling life in a high quality community environment.


If you’re wondering whether a retirement community would be right for you, we’ve put together a list of why we think they’re a great place to live…

You’re never lonely

Loneliness affects thousands of older people across the UK, especially after they retire. An Age UK study in 2018 found that by the year 2025, the number of elderly people experiencing loneliness could reach two million people. Living in a retirement community is a great way to combat loneliness as you can benefit from the sense of community spirit, the friendships that you make, and the social aspect of living amongst peers.

A relaxing lifestyle

Away from the fuss of the city and surrounded by beautiful nature, retirement villages are often located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Haytor View itself, for example, is located in the scenic Devon village of Ipplepen. They are specifically designed to suit a more relaxing pace of life with ease of access to local shops and facilities yet away from the more hectic aspects of life.

Private living

The benefit of moving to a retirement village is that it is a private community. Although family and friends are welcomed onto the park, you can be assured that the residential area is private, secure and well-kept. This gives you additional peace of mind in your older years and gives our residents a sense of belonging and security.

Luxury residence

Although choosing to move to a residential retirement home often means downsizing, the properties are often of a modern design, well-kept and very easy to clean as well as being low maintenance.. They provide glamorous and comfortable living and are protected by a 10 year structural warranty.

Feel like you’re on holiday, 365 days a year

The main benefit of living in a retirement residential village is that it feels like you are on a permanent holiday! You get to live in a stunning location surrounded by fellow like-minded and similarly aged residents.

Hayor View is a residential retirement park located in the thriving village of Ipplepen near Newton Abbot. There’s plenty to see and do in the area which makes it the perfect place to enjoy your active yet relaxing senior years. To enquire about living at Haytor View, please fill out the contact form here or give us a call on 07725 818223.


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