One of the major benefits of growing older is the newly found freedom that comes with retirement. Having spent years working, raising children, and generally living hectic lifestyles, the peacefulness of retiring can seem like a blissful idea to many as they look forward to their later years. 

That being said, some people may find that the initial rush of happiness and life satisfaction can wear off after some time, and a feeling of isolation or loneliness can set in. One of the best ways to avoid feeling isolated and alone during retirement is to keep busy! Having a schedule as well as activities and hobbies to look forward to can help keep you positive, motivated and healthy. 

At Haytor View, we believe that living in a retirement village is a great way to combat loneliness as well as keep busy. Being surrounded by a group of similarly aged, like-minded people means that there’s always someone nearby to chat with, visit, and make plans with.  


Here are our top 5 retirement activities for keeping busy and making the most of your later years.

Take up a sport 

Taking up a sport is a fantastic way to keep busy and stay healthy, whilst having a good time! However, there are so many sports activities out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. It’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you enjoy. Walking, cycling and swimming are great options for those that enjoy solo sports and want to gently ease themselves into a routine. Whereas, tennis, squash and racketball are great for those who want to play with friends or meet new people. 

Learn a new skill

Always had a desire to learn a language, take up pottery, or master a musical instrument? Now is your chance. Retirement provides the perfect opportunity to take a little “you” time and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Free from the duties, distractions and hassle of your working years, retirement gives you the time and space to do whatever you please! 

Make new friends 

Just because you’re retired, that doesn’t mean you should stop meeting new people and making new friends! In fact, now is the time to expand your horizons, socialise, and share some of your worldly wisdom with others. 

When living in a retirement community, meeting people who are similar to you is made even easier. Whilst our residents respect each other’s privacy, you can be sure that there will always be a friendly face ready to welcome you in with a cup of coffee, or just for a quick chat! 

Get a favourite pastime

Inevitably, there will be times of boredom during your retirement. It’s impossible to keep busy every single day! This is why it’s a great idea to find a pastime that you really enjoy and that helps you to relax, unwind and have a peaceful day. For some, this might mean settling down in a cosy chair with a new book, for others this might be baking, doing crosswords, or watching movies.

Some great ideas to try out as a quick and easy pastime you can enjoy from the comfort of your very own park home include; scrapbooking, model building, flower arranging, origami, yoga, knitting, crafts, blogging, and so much more! Why not give something a try yourself. 


Many organisations and programmes are always looking for local volunteers to help out. If you’re finding yourself with plenty of free time and you want to give back to a good cause that is close to your heart, volunteering can be a great way to do this. It also gives you the chance to make friends and meet new people from all different backgrounds and ages.