So, you’re considering buying a park home? That’s a fantastic idea! Many older people consider downsizing as they pass into their later years as they no longer need the space associated with a family life. Alongside freeing up equity to spend during your retirement, moving to a park home comes with a whole host of benefits. Our residents love the community spirit they feel, the safe and clean park location and the comfort of their homes!

When deciding to move to a park home on a residential park, you may have some questions about the home itself. After all, this is where you are going to be living full-time – it needs to be cosy and comfortable. Park homes are one-storey, single-unit homes that sit on a ‘pitch’ on a private estate. The estate must be licensed for full-time living, like Haytor View. You will not be allowed to reside there full-time if your park only has a license for holiday homes – this is an important factor to consider.

When investing in a property, you will also want to consider the lifespan of the building. People often assume that a park home will have a shorter life-span than a regular bricks and mortar house, but this is not the case. A well-built park home that is properly maintained can be expected to last 70 to 80 years, or longer with the right care. This is not far off the figure expected for a site-built property, and as another benefit, park homes require much less work than a regular house to maintain, perfect for relaxing in your older years!

All of our park homes at Haytor View are built to British Standard BS 3632. This standard is much higher than that required for holiday homes or similar, it is the standard required for permanent full-time living. This means the home has been purpose-built and designed with permanent living in mind. Our homes are brand new builds and have energy efficiency in mind. They are properly insulated to ensure you are kept nice and snug in the winter months and are finished with water-proof coatings so that you are protected from the inevitable blustery British weather.

Find out more about our park homes by clicking here. They come in a variety of layout configurations to suit your preferences and there is also an option to choose the colour scheme. What’s more, all of our homes are protected by a 10-year structural warranty. Our “Platinum Seal” gives you total peace of mind.

When it comes to maintenance, the less the better! Although park homes require much less maintenance than a traditional house, there are still some things to be aware of. You must maintain your chassis, this is the underlying structure that supports the framework of your property. A well-maintained chassis can last for many years but may need to be replaced on occasion for your home to reach its full life span. Other things to double-check are your exterior walls, roof, windows and doors. If all are kept in good condition, there’s no reason your park home won’t last for years to come. For more information, read our article of park home maintenance.

If you’d like any further information on our homes or our park, please feel free to get in contact. Give us a call on 01626 897 294 or click here to fill out our contact form.


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